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Supporting minorities in the nation’s communities to achieve self-sufficiency through financial literacy.

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Judicial Youth Diversion Program


  T.R. Stegall Education Foundation U.R.G. Program seeks to be the alternative to prosecution which seeks to divert certain offenders from traditional criminal justice processing into a program of supervision and services administered by any County's Juvenile Justice and the U.S. Probation Service.  

“The 100 Minority Male Collegiate Academic Challenge”


An initiative that seeks to provide African-American and Latino males a second chance in life by enrolling 100 of  them annually into collegiate level training or educational courses. These reentry programs are designed to be mentoring and enrichment programs that focuses on providing a series of structured educational and financial literacy activities to adult aged African-American and Latino men throughout the country. A quality offender reentry program is essential to reduce recidivism in the State of Georgia.

Offender Re-Entry Housing Program


To advocate on the macro level for re-entry support services, including increased transitional and affordable permanent housing options, expanded substance abuse treatment, restorative justice programs, etc. Program staff also works hard to provide community education and awareness with regards to offenders transitioning back to the community. These are done with the larger goals of increasing housing options and sustainability for returning offenders in mind, as well as reducing stigma, with the hope to ultimately, lower recidivism rates and increase public safety.

T.R.S.E.F Program Information

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T.R.S.E.F “The 100 Minority Male Collegiate Academic Challenge” (pdf)


T.R. Stegall School of Technology (pdf)


T.R.S.E.F Judicial Youth Diversion Program (pdf)



 T.R. Stegall Education Foundation aims to:

•Diminish the societal and cultural beliefs that once incarcerated individuals are not able to reassimilate back into society.

•Diminish the societal and cultural beliefs that once incarcerated individuals are not able to lead a productive life above minimum wage.

•Providing positive and entertaining learning environments.

"...we will teach them better, so they will do better"

                                      - Travis Stegall

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